Technical Specification

  • Electrical Motor : 220V or 110V AC/50Hz, 800w
  • Fogging Nozzle : Wide-Angle Spraying Swirl Nozzle
  • Particle Size : 5-20 micron VMD, adjustable
  • Liquid Flow Rate : 0-24 l/h, adjustable
  • Tank Capacity : 11 L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 501 x 272 x 305 mm2
  • Weight, empty : 13 kg



Spray gun

Have a adjust knob for continuous adjustment of the spraying output. The sprayer could be applied in either ULV spraying application or LV spraying application. Depend on the spraying output selected
Spraying tanks made of high density resistant polyethylene with holder.

It produced 90% of the droplets are less than 15 micron in diameter, this small droplets will float in the air for more than 4 hours before it subside to the ground, so this small droplets of chemical solution will kill flying insects or virus in the air.

The spray gun had been equipped with an flexible hose with handle on nozzle permits spraying into normally inaccessible or hard to reach areas such as in kitchen or above ceilings.

Field of application

Could dispensing water or oil-based chemical formulations
Could be applied in a variety of indoor/outdoor applications such as hospitals, schools, homes,hotels, resorts, greenhouses, food processing plants, warehouses, dairy and poultry farms, animal care facilities and disease control programs ,horse stables, etc.